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Mission Quest Chain: Burning Curiosity - The Reclusive Collector - The Keeper's Ring - Rings of Fire - Burn Out
Mission Quest Chain: The Doomscale Horde - The Defense of Lendiniara | Xulous Prime - The Legacy of Bayle | Saving Jacyll | Houses of Thex - Hate Rising | The Fall of Lord Bayle | Burn Out - A Guide Beyond the Rift - The Journey Home

Burn Out

Quest Giver: Vasser Fayeil

Requirements: Level 85, Burning Curiosity, The Reclusive Collector, The Keeper's Ring and Rings of Fire
Request Phrase: group Task Locks on Request
Zone In Phrase: ready
Time Limit: 6 Hours
Task Type: Group, 3 Minimum, 6 Maximum Players
Lockout: 6 Hours
Repeatable: Yes


  • 150 Platinum


  • Hero of Argin-Hiz
  • Cooled Ashes
  • Keeper's Imbalance
  • Keeper's Balance

Chest Loot

Task Steps:

  • Gather the Flame of Ro. 0/1 (Argin-Hiz) More Info
  • See what's in the chest. 0/1 (Argin-Hiz) More Info


  • Gather the Flame of Ro. 0/1 (Argin-Hiz)
    • Talking to Councilor Murant will start this event.

      Phase 1 - Kill the keepers, they are like normal trash and can be mezed.

      Phase 2 - Imps, during this phase Aura's will appear, you must dodge these, they cast Blazing Beam, they will self buff with Dance of Flames.

      Phase 3 - Efreeti, it will summon fireswords and casts Tears of Ro and Fire Whip, there will also be fireballs that move around the room for you to dodge.

      Phase 4 - Highkeeper Jahar and Highkeeper Arieal, these must be balanced, the more unbalanced they are the stronger the higher HP one will get, Jahar casts Sol Burst and Brain Burn. Arieal summons a phoenix that will grow until it explodes and re-pops, there will be many and can be killed.

  • See what's in the chest. 0/1 (Argin-Hiz)
    • Open the Chest

  • Re: Burn Out By: Camikazi On: February 05, 2020, 01:41:19 PM

    If you are looking to get Keeper's Imbalance, kill them SLOWLY! I headshotted one and then killed the other and it did not register the achievement at all. Seems there is a certain amount of time between checks on HP for those to register.

    Burn Out By: Riou On: July 02, 2014, 11:10:49 PM

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